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Area sales director - omaha, nebraska

Job Description: Direct a profitable and growth oriented sales area for 3E. Provide sales management support for Branch Personnel within 3E as assigned. Perform complete branch manager functions for local existing branch. Be liaison between the branch and 3E corporate team.

Direct Reports: Local branch personnel

Key Responsibilities:
  • Direct and guide assigned personnel on 3E business methods.

  • Support and coach the assigned personnel in achieving sales success.

  • Help define branch goals.

  • Meet with Managers and Sales Personnel to review success to goals on a monthly basis.

  • Perform regular Branch Manager duties at existing resident location.

  • Evaluate assigned Personnel on a yearly basis with input from other company directors.

  • Perform joint sales calls with Sales Personnel at key customers to show corporate appreciation and support.

  • Define efficiency improvement ideas for the assigned area branch back to 3E Headquarters.

  • Coordinate Vendor decisions.

  • Support and promote growth of the branch in the Industrial, OEM, Automation Lighting, and Power Quality markets.

  • Support the initiatives of the product and customer segment directors.

  • Attend strategic corporate sales meetings acting as a liaison between assigned location and 3E Headquarters.

  • Seek corporate approval on hiring/changing/adding personnel or modifying sales territories.

  • Act as vendor relations liaison for assigned vendors.
  • Must possess a positive attitude, management abilities, leadership abilities, problem solving skills, willingness to travel nights and weekends for meetings.

  • 10 years experience in the industry a minimum.

  • Branch management experience required.

  • College degree or existing management experience or equivalent industry related work experience a plus. Outside sales experience required.