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Rewinder - Des Moines, Iowa

3E currently has an opening for a Rewinder at its 1808 Delaware Avenue location.

Rewinding electric motors, coils, armatures and other apparatus is a specialty field. This craft is not typically taught in a school or college. It is a specialty trade passed down from experienced employees.

We are looking for applicants with good mechanical and electrical skills, and good work habits.

Job Description:
  • Rewind various kinds of electro-mechanical apparatus including but not limited to: single & three phase electric motors, DC electric motors, transformers, coils for various types of machinery.

  • Inspect and test all types of windings to determine condition and suitability for repair and/or operation

  • Document all relevant data specific to the units electrical characteristics, operating conditions, existing damage, or intended serviceability..

  • Strip windings to be replaced from apparatus to be rewound in a manner that is non hazardous to the Rewinder and others in the immediate area.

  • Strip apparatus to be rewound using techniques that do not damage or reduce the service life of the apparatus to be rewound.

  • Test new windings with appropriate dielectric test equipment as required.

  • Complete required paperwork for each job accurately and on a timely basis.

  • Operate specialized repair and testing equipment including but not limited to: winding machines, test panels, surge testers, core-loss tester, cut-off saw, burn out ovens, bake ovens, grinders, cranes, forklift trucks, brazing torch, dip & VPI tanks, various hand held and power tools.

  • Observe all safety procedures and use proper protective gear.

  • Keep work area clean as required.

  • Perform other duties as directed by supervisor.

Post offer drug screen and physical required. EOE.