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With well over 100 years of combined Industrial Automation experience and countless hours of factory training, the 3E Automation team provides efficient solutions for nearly any process. We work together with your engineers to find the safe and productive combination of technology and reliability. We have Automation Specialists covering regions in Iowa and Nebraska and they are ready to discuss your applications. AUTOMATION Set the New Standard for Machine Performance What if one drive model could put all of your machines on the leading edge of Industry? What if that model was easy to install and integrate into automation architectures, regardless of cabinet layout or network system? The Altivar ATV320 , part of the new Altivar™ Machine range, is that drive * . Its powerful combination of safety, reliability, and simplicity make it a versatile choice that reduces costs both during installation as well as throughout the machine’s life cycle. * from 0.18 to 15 kW ATV320 Compact Designed for machine body integration ATV320 Book Designed for optimized cabinet usage New Modicon M580 Highend Controller New, enhanced capabilities for better performance and availability to help you maximize your Total Cost of Ownership. Ready for the future, the Ethernet based Modicon M580 ePAC offers connectivity capabilities to help you react faster to information demands in a safe and cybersecure environment. Smooth and seamless step-by-step modernization of existing Modicon Quantum and Premium I/O systems and programs is possible with Unity Pro, to protect your investment in your installation. Modicon M580 Highend Controller Zero production lost during your system update thanks to Change Configuration on the Fly (CCOTF) As the world’s first services-oriented drives, the ATV630/930 Altivar Process range gives you a solution to address your challenges. Altivar Process drives provide business optimization by managing increased data volumes, improving services, and boosting overall efficiency without extra costs. Say Hello to the First Services-Oriented Drives on the Market * Based on previous generalized data. Contact 3E Automation for more information on your potential savings . Up to Energy Savings compared with direct line motor starters * Up to Savings compared with a standard drive * Up to Downtime Reduction * Process Drive ATV630/930